Hifiman TWS800 Audiophile Earbuds

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Hifiman TWS800 Audiophile true wireless earbuds with Amp built-in and Audiophile Drivers for true Hi-Fi sound High tech Magnet gives outstanding performance and top quality sound. 150Ohms High Impedance Alloy Voice Coil for unparalleled clarity and full-range sonic clarity.

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Bluetooth with HIFIMAN Topology Diaphragm The “Topology Diaphragm” refers to a diaphragm with a special Nanoparticle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of the coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern and thus the compound used, the thickness or geometric pattern sound wave formation is often manipulated to understand the required audio effect and control. Detailed and natural high-frequency reproduction

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Metal casing brings better frequency response and lowers THD. Long Communication Distance – keeps the Antenna design of TWS800. IPX4 Water and dirt resistant; 23dB passive noise-canceling technology; Touch Control

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4.5 hours on one charge. 31.5 hours with charging case. The charging case supplies up to six complete charges.

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Ergonomic design, 6.9g – light and comfortable; Best fit maximum comfort over hours of listening. HIFIMAN’s experience in custom-fit earphones is obvious within the TWS800. Charging case easily holds the foremost important ear tips by increasing the inner space. Eight pairs of ear tips within the package.

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Black, Silver

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