Cleer Flow II Wireless Headphones

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Immerse in sound with Cleer Flow 2 wireless headphones. Eliminate outside distractions with hybrid noise-canceling technology. Cleer Flow 2 wireless headphones have optimized passive isolation completely to suppress wideband ambient noise of up to 30 dB. Hear every nuance of your favorite songs thanks to high-resolution audio performance. The Cleer Flow’s 2 Bluetooth headphones are equipped with highly sensitive, 40 mm, ironless driver units designed to deliver bold and clear audio. With a built-in microphone, take important phone calls while you’re out and about. Experience these uncompromising headphones today!

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POWERFULLY SOUND – These wireless headphones feature Cleer’s Patented Ironless driver technology with a 40mm driver providing bold and articulate sound with optimized control, exceptionally low distortion, and deeper bass for hours of musical bliss.

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Eliminate outside distractions with hybrid noise-canceling technology built-into your headphones. Our hybrid noise-canceling headphones feature optimized passive and active isolation, suppressing wideband ambient noise of up to 30dB.

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Our patented 40mm Ironless Driver™ technology is specially tuned to provide bold and articulate sound with optimized control, exceptionally low distortion and deep bass for hours of musical bliss.

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The 10-minute charge provides 2 hours of playback
20 hours of playback from a full charge with noise cancellation enabled

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SIMPLE SWIPE CONTROLS – The left earcup of the Flow I headphones has touch-sensitive swipe controls for volume, skip, play/pause music and taking calls, plus buttons for power, noise cancellation & 2-mode ambient noise control – normal and voice.

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Black, Brown, Silver

  1. Abraham Cid

    I got what I bought

  2. hande

    Great noise cancellation and overall comfortable. Wish battery lasted a bit longer

  3. Amazon Customer

    LOVE these headphones! 1st off, they provide a perfect balance between high and low tones. As someone that produces music and spends 10+ hours a day listening to music, I’ve gone through several headphone sets. These by far are the best I’ve owned! To name off just a few of my favorite components – I’m really digging the rich and full bass tone, I can clearly identify all instrumentation in my recording mix, noise cancelation is solid, it really does block everything out aside from the music and the 20 hours of playback time is a plus. Worth every penny!!

  4. Dave

    There is not much to say. For the price the quality sound simply amazing. The subwoofer quality is unbelievable! The only issues to watch out for is 1) they fitted a little tight at first, but once I continued using them I believe they loosen up, and 2) it’s a little difficult to get the controls on the left headphone working.

  5. Ciaran

    Really pleased with these so far. Replaced some cheap ones which just stopped pairing and was dubious the step in price would be worth it – happy to say it is! Sound quality is excellent, noise cancellation is great inside (outdoors it amplifies wind noise) and they’re plenty comfortable for the length of time I’ve worn them (up to 2hrs).

  6. Dash

    Cleer Flow Noise Canceling HeadphonesI’ve been listening a lot to my new Cleer Flow Noise Canceling Headphone in the past two weeks since they arrived on my doorstep. I’ve been wanting to a “wireless over-the-ear” headphones for quite some time now.The sound quality is really impressive. The overall sound quality from the lowest lows to the highest highs are very smooth. The other thing I noticed is how “airy” these sound. I’m sure that has something to do with how quite these are. You hear every detail! Really cool!The noise canceling is pretty impressive. These are really quite comfortable too. I had them on over the weekend doing chores around the house for a couple of hours with no head or ear fatigue.I will say that it did take a little time to get accustomed to having volume +/- and track +/- electronic controls on the left ear cup. You essentially take your finger and either swipe up/down for volume or forward/back to repeat or change tracks.If there was anything I’d like to see improved is the user manual. It’s pretty sparse and assumes that you know about these types of headphones.Overall, I think these are well worth the money spent for the many, many hours of use they will get. You’ll forget you have them on!

  7. Christian

    I purchased these as a gift for my girlfriend who’s a bit of an audiophile. She described the sound quality extremely pleasant as the deep bassy tones were noticable but did not drown out the rich mids and high notes. The noise cancellation feature is located within the headphones themselves – no need to fumble around with a 3rd party app on your smartphone. The ear-padding is extremely soft and high quality which is something you’d expect at this price range; neither my girlfriend nor myself experienced any ear/auricle fatigue even on long listening sessions (we also both wear glasses daily).For those who would be using these to enhance their video-watching/editing experience you would be doing yourself a disservice if you passed on these. Voices and ambient noises are appropriately mixed in stereo-surround sound without the garbling of sounds in the higher volumes.

  8. JoAnn Barbieri

    I purchased these because I needed a set with Bluetooth to pair with my new tv. I had tried Cowin and had no luck with them. I came across these Cleer Flow and thought why not. They work great have great sound and paired to the TV without a problem. They only downside for me they are a bit heavy hopefully I will get use to them over time.

  9. Alan

    Great clear sound quality, on par with many more expensive options.

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