Power Bank 10000 mAh Magnetic Wireless


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Wireless Power Bank Compatible with MagSafe.

A wireless charging power bank 10000mAh to charge iPhone as well as other mobiles. Quick and straightforward wireless Charging, attach the portable magnetic charger to the back of your iPhone and watch how fast your mobile is charging. It’s the easiest method of charging your phone.

Important: The magnetic wireless Charging works with iPhone 15/14/13/12, 15/14/13/12 pro, 15/14/13/12 pro max, and 13/12 mini. Wireless Charging with a 10000 mah power bank is available for all Qi-enabled devices wired charging for other devices with USB-C ports for tablets, headphones, and other smartphones.

Free magnetic ring included.

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Power Bank 10000 mAh Magnetic Wireless

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 9

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 8

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 7

Power Bank With Wireless Charging


Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 6

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 5

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 4

The portable magnetic wireless charger power bank supports 5Wand 7.5W/10W 15W Max wireless fast charging and 20W PD USB-C output charging, which can charge two devices simultaneously. Power and wireless charging indicators show the remaining battery levels and guarantee proper wireless charging.

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 3Wireless Magnetic Power Bank 2Magnetic Wireless Power Bank


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  1. D Meechan

    I’m using this charger with iPhone 12 with a Spigen MagSafe case. The battery pack magnet seems to be strong enough and didn’t fall off with some vigorous shaking. Recommended

  2. DDtheGreat

    It’s a little bit heavy to carry in your pocket but certainly compact and handy if you are out of power and have no chance to recharge. Works well wirelessly and can basically be a normal wireless charger if you plug it in. Uses USB C so you can effectively abandon lightning connector leads. Doesn’t make the same noise you get if you connect an Apple charger magnetically but who needs that?!

  3. Dan

    This wireless charger is amazing, it works with my iPhone 12 perfectly and is so easy and convenient to use while out and about. Perfect if you use your phone a lot and always run out of battery. Amazing!

  4. CypherCypher

    Perfect for someone on the go. I can actively use my phone with GPS and full brightness and the battery will remain fully charged. I use a power bank fast charger and it takes a few hours to fully charge. MagSafe connection is very strong with a compatible case only. 

  5. mark moorhouse

    This is a great compact power bank with loads of accessories to assist with charging your devices and phones. You can charge multiple devices at the same time but obviously, it slows down the charger’s time considerably. The wireless charging works better if you remove your case and won’t stick to your phone unless your case is removed unless your use the magnetic sticker that is part of the accessory pack. It comes with a small charging cable and a handy carry case to keep everything together. Highly recommend it for those holidays or long journeys.

  6. JF1010

    Works with my iPhone 13 Pro and Spigel Magsafe case. The only downsides are the bulky design, slow 5w wireless charging, and the capacity to only give slightly less than a full charge. Although bulky, actually the MagSafe grip is very good and I find myself holding and gripping the battery instead of the phone which actually is easier than holding the larger phone.

  7. Antony

    Wanting an unobtrusive power bank that is larger in capacity than the official Apple power bank fits comfortably in the hand when attached, and has strong magnets, I found all I needed with this power bank! Originally brought for a non-MagSafe phone using a magnet ring, it could be clearer that the power bank will only work with MagSafe and will deactivate if used otherwise. The description could be interpreted as not working with non-MagSafe cases due to other reasons like the case obstructing the magnetism. It simply does not work with phones or cases that are not official MagSafe products. Kept it and was gifted an iPhone 12 mini, which it works great with!

  8. Hugo

    Simple MagSafe-style magnetic attachment to the back of the iPhone. Feels well made and has been reliable and simple to use (press the button to turn it on; double-click it to turn it off). Downsides: it charges very slowly, gets a little warm, and only has just enough juice for a single full charge of my iPhone 13 Mini.

  9. Tech T-Rex

    Premium from start to finish. Feels really nice in hand, worked straight out of the box. Absolutely no issues I came across. Decent 10,000mAh capacity (high for a MagSafe power bank).Pretty bulky so wouldn’t move around using this but far more convenient than cable bound.

  10. DaveP

    Have a 12 mini. Initially looking for a case with a battery built in but this is more versatile, can be used for anything, and the wireless part only if you needed to on the back of the phone (obvs it has more loss than a cable) and doesn’t need to be carried around all the time on it. Grips well enough feel secure enough and feel chunky but not uncomfortable. Nice feeling soft touch case. Comes with a short type C double ender, four bar battery indicator, and a status LED. Just one button to turn on the wireless charge, using the cable it turns on automatically and in both cases switches off after a short period of no use. Can also be used as a MagSafe base to charge the battery and phone using the type C.Steered to this earlier version because the newer one doesn’t fit the mini too well.

  11. dpd

    Good product charges EarPods as well, good suction on the back on iPhone and much cheaper than the Apple version of it so buy this one!

  12. Nd

    I got myself a magnetic phone charger before which was a lot chunkier than this and charged much more slowly. This charger feels solid and is of a quality build power rating for this is 10,000mAh and you can also charge it via a USB port too for those things that don’t have a magnetic charging ability

  13. Rachael Bromley

    A small power bank for the newer magnetic iPhones. A good charge size at 10000mah it was quite quick to fully charge and allowed me a fair few charges for my phone

  14. Arthur

    I just received this product and am loving it. Regarding the magnet, you might note many reviewers tested the magnetic strength on a naked iPhone when usually many users already have a phone cover (note to Youtubers, please review in a realistic setting next time!) With a naked iPhone, the magnetic connection is strong but with an independent phone cover (without a MagSafe embedded into the phone cover), the connection becomes slightly weaker. However, because I also use an Apple phone case (which already has another layer of MagSafe embedded) power bank is able to connect with the phone cover and charge the iPhone. I am also using iPhone 12 Pro Max by the way. Although it is slightly chunkier than the Apple, it is still a good grip for the iPhone (am unsure about other iPhone sizes). Some YouTubers showed that this charge can rotate but for me, it doesn’t because I am using a leather iPhone phone case. Essentially, using the iPhone leather phone case which provides a Magsafe for better connection and friction to prevent rotation, this battery become a far superior product in terms of battery storage and price compared to Apple.

  15. HelpfulMatt M.D.

    The charger is fast and efficient at charging over MagSafe. It is also very portable and easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

  16. Alan

    Sticks to my iPhone very well, charging is reasonable, there is an on the button on the bottom of the charger so it doesn’t charge unless you need it to

  17. David H.

    Love the product. A bit chunky while using but does the job very well

  18. Madison Layla

    This charger has Magnetic Attachment & Wireless Charging… Crafted from unique magnetic suction technology, it’s compatible with iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series. It has great adhesion and amazing charging power. It lasts ages before needing to be recharged and is great for traveling! Overall a fantastic purchase.

  19. Massive

    Very simple to use.Compact and solid. Great smart technology. It recharges well, but it’s certainly not fast. Aesthetically very sober. It is an accessory that must never be missing.

  20. Dublin

    This power bank with MagSafe can act like a smart battery case like those apple released for xs, 11 those years. it is not only a power bank but also a battery case that has pass-through technology which allows u to charge both the phone and the power bank together. when using 5G on my iPhone 12 the battery usually drains fast, and this battery pack keeps extra power to help. The MagSafe on the power bank is strong even with the phone face down, so impressive as not excepted this strong.

  21. TomTom

    Nice handy batt pack, not lightweight, but not heavy. Nice touch with the strap hole and leather strap. The magnets are very strong, with no issue with the MagSafe iPhone cover. It holds very strong. Can charge 1.5x my iPhone13 pro.    

  22. Jimbo

    iPhone 13 compatible. Arrived and unboxed it, Charged it up using the included USBC cable, and Snapped it to the back of my iPhone 13 mini (in a MagSafe compatible case). A really firm grip stays on in my trouser pocket and charged well. I can use the phone with it on the back. I have also tried using a USB-C to Lightning cable for faster charging on the go and this works well too.

  23. Arman

    This was exactly as expected. Compact, portable, strong magnet and does the trick for a quick and easy charge on the go with no cables.

  24. Korvidal

    Very compact, perfect for taking on a night out to ensure you’re not left with a dead phone. I use it mostly with a USB C to USB C cable for charging speed and efficiency, but nice to have the wireless QI charging functionality as a backup.

  25. Kungaloosh!

    Handy for a Turkey holiday trip where you need your phone ALL THE TIME! Charges well and would recommend for the price point.

  26. G. Campbell

    This is one of the most useful things I have ever bought. Much better than any other portable charger. No need for cables. Attach it to your MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max and keep using it as normal. Powers the phone quickly. And still, power to use the next day. And possibly even the next. Really handy and less than half the price of the phone maker’s alternative. I’ve only used it with iPhone 12 Pro Max with an Apple MagSafe silicone case on it and this is stuck to the back. No idea about other cases but works well with this one.

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