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Retractable Car Charger, 4 in 1 Fast Car Phone Charger 60W, Retractable Cables and USB Car Charger, Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 and Android

The 4 in 1 phone car charger retractable has rapid charging capability, with the Type-C supporting speeds upwards of 120W(Max) and the Lightning cable allowing rapid charging up to 20W.

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Retractable Car Charger, 4 in 1 Fast Car Phone Charger 60W, Retractable Cables and USB Car Charger, Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 and Android 

The retractable car charger fits an array of popular vehicles. It supports a range of speedy charging protocols like PD, QC3.0, AFC, MTK, and FCP. It is compatible with all devices like iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/13/12/11 Pro/Pro Plus/XS/X Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/Plus/Ultra 20/A20 LG G7 ThinQ/Stylo 4/G6/V30 drones, iPads, tablets notebooks Switch, Google Pixel and every USB-C device.


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This retractable car charger for your car can extend the cable to 80cm/31.5 inches. It then instantly retracts it into the charger to store it neatly. After you’ve used it, remove it, then retract it. This will ensure your vehicle stays free of tangled cables, giving you easy control and convenient use.

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The latest charging adapter can support 180-degree rotation and be rotated at any angle to satisfy your charging requirements and make your journey more enjoyable!

Retractable Car Charger 4 in 1 4

The adapter for car charging is fast for iPhone, with simultaneous charging of up to 4 devices. It comes with two cable retractables (Type-C or lighting), seven adjustable length settings, and 1 USB A and 1 USB C port.

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  1. Steffani Fitzgerald

    I hated having all the lose cords in my car. This was the perfect solution to that problem. Now we can charge everything without having a million cords laying all over! Fast charging! Great buy!

  2. Osnar

    I knew it was a good buy as soon as I felt it in my hands, I was a bit concerned about the cable-pulling functionality, however, it feels very good, not brittle at all and the charging power is on point as well.Great for me (android user) & my wife (iPhone user) – fits perfectly in my Hyundai Santa Fe.

  3. Gerry

    I love the fact that I can remove all of my charging cords in my car now. The 4 in 1 car charger is pretty neat and I do enjoy it. Easy to use and mess-free. Charges the phone pretty well too. I could easily just retract it away when I don’t need to use it. So far so good.

  4. CameraGirl

    I’ve tried several products and this was the winner! I typically have multiple Apple devices to be charged up (especially on long road trips). Gave it a solid test run on our last trip and I especially love how the wires whip back into the box. SO NICE to not have wires all over the place!

  5. Linda

    This charger is nice as my husband and myself have different charging ports for our phones. We can both charge at the same time. I like that the cords retract so there’s no messy cords everywhere. Plugs snuggly into the car outlet. The only negative is that it is bulky but I guess it has to be that way to fit the two retractable cords. If you don’t like the mess of cords every where then this would be a great purchase. Would recommend

  6. Gail Lewis

    4 in 1 car Charger keeps the car looking wire-free. Easy to conceal the cord, the retractable mechanism work well for easy storage and concealment. Extra plugs make it good 4 multiple devices to get powered up simultaneously. Keep space very nice and slick


    4 in 1 car charger came very quickly in the mail and was just as described. There are two different connections to choose from whether you have an iPhone and need a lightning adapter or an Android with a USB C connection, both are available. I love the fact that the cords retract back into the charger when not being used. I get so tired of all the cords hanging down from a traditional car charger. This design keeps everything nice and neat. In addition to the two retractable cables, the unit also has two additional USB ports in case you have other items you would like to charge. I highly recommend this charger. I will never go back to the traditional car chargers as this is a perfect fit for any phone type we need to charge, and it keeps my front dashboard from looking like I had cables running all over the place. 

  8. Claudia F.Claudia F.

    After years of using dinky little USB cigar lighter chargers, I decided to upgrade. And boy, was it a good choice! Right off the bat, I noticed the build quality and stiffness of the joint. I was a little nervous about the retractable cables, but they work fine and aren’t annoying. With so many options of outlet, it also pulls double-duty charging my headphones when I’m travelling to and from destinations, while also charging my phone. Highly recommend. 

  9. Rachel

    Love 4 in 1 car charger, and has a charger for Apple and Android. Charging cords are retractable so no cords lying on your car floor.

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