In Ear Monitor TRN ST5 4BA+1DD

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In Ear Monitor TRN ST5 4BA+1DD

Ultimate Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration: TRN ST5 in ear monitors has a five-driver hybrid driver configuration, including the classic DD and BA driver configuration. The combination comes with a 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver unit, two balanced 50060 midrange drivers, and 230095 balanced high-frequency drivers.

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In Ear Monitor TRN ST5 4BA+1DD

TRN ST5 in ear monitor

Three-Way Frequency Transover: TRN has redesigned the ST5 in ear monitor with a tri-way frequency crossover. The combination produces a snarling bass with a deep, punchy lower frequency using a DD 10mm unit. The midrange is precise and natural due to 2 50060 BA units, while the high frequencies showcase incredible clarity and resolution using the two 30095 BA units. It lets the pair produce an equilibrating and powerful sound quality that can complement various music styles.

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Rich and Exquisite Finish: TRN has designed the custom ear shells that fit the ST-5 in ear monitor using a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process. They employed magnesium alloy, the aerospace grade, and each piece was precisely hand-finished to ensure a perfect finish. The set is stunning. The shells are designed with an ergonomic design and are light in weight, providing comfortable wear for the majority of users.

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The Acoustical Airflow design: In Ear Monitor TRN ST5 has featured a vent in the cavities. This vent keeps the airflow inside the ear shells, balancing the pressure within the chamber. It helps to deliver improved sound quality with more detail, stunning imaging, and stunning clarity.

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High-Purity Modular cable: In Ear Monitor TRN ST5 features a premium silver-plated OFC(Oxygen-free Copper) cable. It is equipped with standard pin connectors and an interchangeable termination plug system. The connector can be changed from 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs inside this package.

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Product Description: TRN ST5 1DD+4BA hybrid metal in Ear Earphone
2. Brand: TRN
3. Model: ST5
4. Earphone type: In-ear
5. Impedance: @1khz22O
6.Earphonesensitivity: 120dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
8.PlugType: 3.5mmStraight Plug
9. Cable Length: 1.2m
10. Color: Moonshine Silver
11. Whether using cable If the cable is used: Yes
12. Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface
13. Whether using a mic: NO
14. Whether is it possible to replace the cable used: Yes