Mifo O2 Wireless Earbuds

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Mifo O2 Wireless Earbuds

Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and search for Mifo O2 for pairing. It takes 2 seconds to pair successfully. The next time you would like to concentrate on music, remove the Mifo O2 from the charging box, and therefore the earbuds will automatically hook up with your device.
Mifo O2 Bluetooth earbuds are designed with a semi-in-ear design for comfortable wearing and no stethoscope. It is not easy to fall off when shaking. It is safe and reliable. Mifo O2 Wireless earbuds are waterproof to IPX5, Great for sweating in the gym. The weight of a single earplug is 4g, which can be called unrestricted motion.
Mifo o2 earphones deliver true natural, real sound, and powerful bass performance with a custom 13mm composite film moving coil speaker drive unit.

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Mifo O2 Wireless Earbuds

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