Power Bank Phone Charger 10000 Mah


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Introducing the 66W foldable all-in-one PD Fast Wireless Charging Power Bank Phone Charger with a powerful 10000mAh capacity. This advanced charger features MagSafe technology, built-in Type-C and iPhone cables, and a convenient digital display screen. Plus, it comes with a free stand for hands-free use.

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Power Bank Phone Charger 10000 Mah

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  1. The most responsive and friendly. Would highly recommend!

    I’m always skeptical of purchasing portable chargers but this one is amazing! I can charger multiple things at once and it has decent battery life. Can last me all day! Only thing is it takes awhile for the charger to charge but that isn’t too bad if you charge it overnight. Highly recommend!

  2. tackett2005

    Out of the package I stuck it to the back of my phone and it started charging instantly – not even out of the bag, or turned it on, or an initial charge and it was up and running. Pretty good.I’m giving this as a gift and wanted to try it out first.So to tell the story, my phone is an iPhone 13 Pro, in a MagSafe case, with an OhSnap Luxe 4 MagSafe charge thru accessory on the back of the case. Long story short it did work, and it charged while using the phone. However, using the OhSnap acc does cause everything to heat up – A LOT.Safe to say uncomfortably warm, but to no fault of the charger. I would make the claim that the added thickness of the accessory and its magnets change the way things are supposed to work.Round two, I removed the OhSnap acc and charged MagSafe right to the case. Works the same with a lot less heat. Arguably be aware of what all accessories you’re using and how and when.Charging using the built in cables work fine. Digital display is a good feature for checking status of power in and out.Overall I like it very much off the line. In time I’ll probably end buying more for either myself or my kids if it keeps up the good behavior.

  3. Mertz

    It’s really great and I love its options to charge other devices. It is a little heavy, but it’s worth the options. Just wished it came with a wall plug in, you have to use your own

  4. Tracy

    I really like this charger. It’s magnetic it sticks to your phone and my boss loves it more than I do because I let him borrow it and he never returned it. He asked how much it was so he can replace it and give me give me one. So now I’m on here and I’m getting ready to buy another one maybe too, try it. Try it you like it.

  5. Eimer

    I like this, the charging last a long time… It does take a wild ticket to a full charge, that’s why I only gave it four stars… For when it is fully charged, it does last a very long time… I would say definitely get it.

  6. Sibley Hudson

    I could not locate a power supply that was small enough to manage at work and for travel without being bulky. This unit was a gem for size and performance. I could charge my phone at least 5–6 times a day before the charger was completely done. It’s performance in fast charging was so phenomenal that I purchased two, one for me and one for my son. He say’s it’s a practical little quick charger, and we both are happy with it. It has a charge for iPhone and USB Type C. It was a great purchase. I am very satisfied.

  7. Cassandra

    This portable charger is amazing to have on the go! I keep one in my diaper bag as well as my travel bag. It holds a charge well, charges fast and also chargers devices fast. I love how it comes with build in cords. I would prefer if it had a lightning cable attached to allow easier charging for iPhones.

  8. LaNae

    I have not used this a whole lot, so I cannot say much. It connects to a mag-safe phone case and it charges when connected. The drawback is it is big and bulky when connected via the magnet. Nonetheless, I know it will come in handy when I need a charge. Great price point.

  9. Chris Cottrell , Raleigh

    I’ve bought dozens of portable power banks and battery cases over the years. This is hands down the most convenient in terms of ease of use, options for input and output, battery/device status, and controls. I was a big fan of the original Mophie juice pack case for years and this portable bank with the wireless charging is even more convenient. My iphone 11 did not have magsafe so this would not attach but getting a thin magsafe case fixed that. I’ve bought three of these so far for additional capacity when traveling. 

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