• Condenser microphone OneOdio FM1
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Condenser Microphone OneOdio FM1



Condenser Microphone OneOdio FM1

The microphone’s bottom 3.5mm audio input allows users to monitor the microphone’s input in real-time and with zero latency. It is ideal for recording your home studio, gaming, singing, Chatting, Smule, Garageband, Skype, Discord, Yahoo Recording, Google Voice Search, YouTube Recording, Zoom Meeting, Online Class, Tik Tok Live, along with Live streaming.

The Condenser microphone’s metal structure base is solid and stable with non-vibration. The shock-absorbing silicone on the bottom helps in reducing the harsh noise from your desktop—a perfect 360deg angle for the adjustable stand protection.

It comes with a USB-type connector that the computer can use to enable high-speed and quality transmission. Choose a 14mm electro-diaphragm for the background, high-quality audio USB microphone, and a professional-grade sound chipset with a 48KHZ/16BIT sampling rate. It can record the sound during zoom meetings and games—a cardioid pattern of pickups blocks background noise and records crisp audio.

PC microphone condenser microphones can be utilized using a PC, Windows, Mac OS, Linux OX, PS4, PS5, iPhone, or Ipad. Ideal for recording at home, YouTube, Nico live broadcasts, and other publishing platforms that support game Live, publishing live, and Skype calls. Be sure to use the microphone from a distance of 15-30cm.

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