Tronsmart Bang 60W Bluetooth Speaker

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Tronsmart Bang 60W Bluetooth Speaker

60W and Hi-Res Audio Comprised of twin tweeters, two woofers, and dual radiators with passive design, Tronsmart Bang portable Bluetooth speaker delivers an impressive Hi-Res musical experience with exhilarating highs and soft vocals as an erupting bass. It is enhanced with integrated SoundPulse audio and Bluetooth wireless technology. This portable speaker delivers a superb sound quality with precise tuning.

Customized 8 Equalizers & Beat-driven LED lights: You can alter the audio options using the Tronsmart App, which offers a variety of 8 choices (default deep bass, sound pulse 3D, hi-fi, classic, vocal, and rock) and the colors of the stripe in the bottom that can be disabled or left as an undetermined color, or the color can change according to the beat of the music.

Multi-Connectivity Option: Tronsmart Bang waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker features the USB-A input to store memories, the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input, micro-SD card input, the USB-C power output, and the USB-A output can be used as a power bank and also has a 5V-1A input. The TuneConn technology is patent-pending and lets you sync the audio of 100 wireless outdoor speakers, creating a thrilling sound stage!

IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Portables: The Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker is made from plastic with the perfect finish to show high-end quality. It has rounded edges, giving modern and elegant speakers the perfect touch. The latest IPX6 waterproofing prevents splashes, spills, and rain. Tronsmart Bluetooth Speaker weighs 3.08kg; however, thanks to its handle, it can be carried well. Tronsmart Bang is an outdoor party-ready speaker waterproof!

Up to 15 hours of playtime and Powerbank The function is: The rechargeable 10080mAh Li-ion battery with low power consumption allows Tronsmart Bang Bluetooth outdoor speaker for 24 hours of playtime with a volume of 30 percent with the LED turned off. Additionally, with integrated battery power, Tronsmart Bang outdoor Bluetooth speaker provides your device with an additional boost during times of emergency.


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Tronsmart Bang 60W Bluetooth Speaker

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  1. Customer

    Fantastic product .. certainly did the job and the sound quality was amazing. Not sure it lasts 15 hours without charging but certainly does the job.. can’t complain about it.. would recommend .. very portable and easy to connect via Bluetooth

  2. PA

    got it on a deal… value for money I would say and the sound quality is better than some of the branded speakers in the market which are expensive as well

  3. A

    The Tronsmart Bluetooth Speaker is a high-power 60W portable speaker that has an IPX6 waterproof rating meaning it’s suitable for use in rain or shine. The device has LED lights at each end and also around the sides that change color and make the device look really cool. The speaker can run for up to 24h from a single charge and it takes only seconds to connect up to your Bluetooth device. The connection process couldn’t be easier and once connected it plays very good quality sound with high bass and a superb volume level. Great for summer barbecues or other outdoor events. Overall very happy, please with look and sound quality and think it’s a great value for money purchase.

  4. The Woodsman

    Important note, audio source quality makes a huge difference to the performance of stereo equipment and this is no exception. With some music this speaker was okay, to be fair it was a bit better than okay, but not by much. Having said that, with a lot of the music I fed through this speaker I was pretty impressed, but still not overly blown away. So, I turned to a bit of Goa Trance, we alrighty then, NOW we’re talking, not only did this speaker leap into life and made a fair attempt at deafening me, I’m not overly prone to excessive expression but I can say without reservation that this speaker puts other massively more expensive speakers to shame. Feed this thing the right input and holy hell you better strap in because this thing is unfreaking believable. Spend 400 euros+ on other speakers if you absolutely have to, I’m definitely getting a second speaker at some point to have the full TWS experience with these monsters!

  5. terry harmse

    Great can’t complain only thing is when using the app you have to search for your device every time, still playing with all settings and that but the sound quality is great and doesn’t lose quality at full volume as for battery life not given it a full run yet with lights on

  6. Dario

    I have as well Tronsmart mega pro 60 watts but this one is louder


    a present for the grandson who loved it

  8. Jony

    The media could not be loaded.

     This portable Bluetooth speaker has a lot going for it! When I took the box containing the speaker out of the shipping box, I was amazed at the weight- substantial, letting you know this is something special. The instructions are easy to understand, and it is connected easily to the wireless device. The control panel is lighted, and easy to read and operate. Quite simply, the sound is amazing. When I began streaming, the sound filled the room. The bass jumps right out at you, and the built-in equalizer makes certain that your music is crisp and clear. Outside on my deck, the sound is equally impressive. Don’t be afraid to crank it up, because it can handle it with no distortion. It has all the features you want. You can make and receive Bluetooth calls, use the cables provided for auxiliary devices, and more. The speaker is also water-resistant in case a sudden rain shower blows up your outdoor activity. I’m really enjoying this speaker so far, I highly recommend it!

  9. geoffrey sheffield

    Good size and plenty of volumes

  10. gary

    Easy to use and a good sound quality

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