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ANC Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats Life



ANC Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats Life.

Sounpeats Life Earbuds with Active Noise-Cancelling. With a powerful noise cancellation technology. SoundPeats Life Wireless earbuds effectively block out external noise up to 25 dB. It means you can play your tunes and relax in the subway or walking down the streets. The ergonomic design ensures an earbud that is sealed tightly to your ear canal to provide improved noise cancellation and more impressive beats.

Premium Sound and Intelligent Touch Control. Housed in a large 12mm driver, the Bluetooth earbuds provide premium stereo sound with an impressive wide stage that delivers full bass and crystal clear high-end treble. The smart touch control makes everything in your control. Pulling out your phone from your pocket to alter the volume or take to a phone call while listening to music is unnecessary.

Clear Calls and Game Mode. Dual microphone and the latest AI environmental noise Cancellation(ENC) technology can discern your voice clearly and dramatically reduce background noise, meaning you can make crystal clear and smooth calls even in a noisy setting. 60ms of low latency in game mode ensures that audio and video are constantly in sync, ensuring that each sound of gunfire or footsteps is instantly recorded.

Bluetooth 5.2 and Extended Listening Time” Powered with superior Bluetooth 5.2 technology, These earbuds are suitable for Bluetooth 4.0 over devices giving you the ultimate wireless experience with fast pairing and a stable connection. Five hours of music listening time(with ANC off) per charge and five additional recharges with the charging case to allow you to listen throughout the day.

Transparency Mode and Stylish Design Press long on the left earbuds to go into the transparency mode. You’ll hear what’s going on without taking your earbuds off. Laser engraving and metallic sequin strike a balance between minimal and fashionable. Both earbuds can serve as a master earbuds. It is possible to switch seamlessly between twin and single modes at will.


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