Soundpeats Air 3 Bluetooth Earphones


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Soundpeats Air 3 wireless earbuds Ultra light and keep the music inside your ear for the most active lifestyles. Soundpeats Air3 Bluetooth earphones offer the music you’re hoping to hear. The new reset user interface and touch controls make it simpler to manage your music.

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Soundpeats Air 3 wireless earbuds

Soundpeats Air 3 earbuds Mini Size and Comfortable Fit: Exclusive research and design, production, and improvements by the experienced engineers and designers of Soundpeats Here, we present our SoundPEATS Air3 Wireless Earbuds, which are 10 percent smaller than the previous generation. The improvement we have made on the entire process will ensure your satisfaction. The ergonomic design and almost indestructible design make the music more enjoyable.


Game mode support with world-class technology reduces the latency of 60ms on the earbuds and 80ms for the actual connection to ensure audio and video sync. Triple tap left earphones for a quick entry and exit into the world of fantasy. There are five hours of battery life per charge, and 2.5 recharges via the charging case. Air3 Bluetooth earphones will extend your enjoyment up to 17.5 hours.


Earphones Air3 features the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chips that feature Bluetooth 5.2 with TrueWireless Mirroring, ensuring an uninterrupted connection with minimal power consumption. They are equipped with an aptX-Adaptive codec that supports 24bit 420khz to optimize your listening experience, maintain audio sync with media, and adapt to offer uninterrupted wireless audio.


Dual-mic earbuds in each to record your voice clearly and assist in reducing background noise to improve the quality of your voice and let those at the other end of the spectrum hear your voice. Thanks to Qualcomm’s cVc sound suppression technology, clever algorithms boost your quality voice transmission and reception, allowing both remote and proximal audio enhancement as well as noise reduction.