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Soundpeats Air 3 wireless earbuds Ultra light and keep the music inside your ear for the most active lifestyles. Soundpeats Air3 Bluetooth earphones offer the music you’re hoping to hear. The new reset user interface and touch controls make it simpler to manage your music.

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Soundpeats Air 3 wireless earbuds

Soundpeats Air 3 earbuds Mini Size and Comfortable Fit: Exclusive research and design, production, and improvements by the experienced engineers and designers of Soundpeats Here, we present our SoundPEATS Air3 Wireless Earbuds, which are 10 percent smaller than the previous generation. The improvement we have made on the entire process will ensure your satisfaction. The ergonomic design and almost indestructible design make the music more enjoyable.


Game mode support with world-class technology reduces the latency of 60ms on the earbuds and 80ms for the actual connection to ensure audio and video sync. Triple tap left earphones for a quick entry and exit into the world of fantasy. There are five hours of battery life per charge, and 2.5 recharges via the charging case. Air3 Bluetooth earphones will extend your enjoyment up to 17.5 hours.


Earphones Air3 features the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chips that feature Bluetooth 5.2 with TrueWireless Mirroring, ensuring an uninterrupted connection with minimal power consumption. They are equipped with an aptX-Adaptive codec that supports 24bit 420khz to optimize your listening experience, maintain audio sync with media, and adapt to offer uninterrupted wireless audio.


Dual-mic earbuds in each to record your voice clearly and assist in reducing background noise to improve the quality of your voice and let those at the other end of the spectrum hear your voice. Thanks to Qualcomm’s cVc sound suppression technology, clever algorithms boost your quality voice transmission and reception, allowing both remote and proximal audio enhancement as well as noise reduction.



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  1. Fateh Mahmood Kiani

    I’m a collector of headphones. This one by far is the best quality I’ve heard so far in its price range! I would highly recommend these headphones in the price range they are. Very crisp sound with a firm grip in the ears!

  2. Sim

    For the price they are outstanding. Great quality confort and style. I will buy them again. Incredibly good product for the moment I prefer them to the AirPods. They are so light and comfortable and sound quality is quite good too!

  3. Sumeed

    Very good quality really. I thought it was some dodgy knock off- I don’t really know my ear buds- but it was relatively cheap, provides good audio output and is comfortable. I use this for the gym every other day and it works flawlessly.On occasion, it takes a few extra seconds to connect but that’s cause I’m in a crowded area with lots of signals being sent.The only downside is the buttons because my ear shape means I partially push them into my ear further but pushing against them with my thumb keeping it in place and pointer finger clicking the button means the earbud stays stationary.Overall, I would recommend for general use, gym and anything else.

  4. Pete

    Bought these when I thought I had lost my Anker Soundcore buds (so I’ll compare against them).* Better sound quality – much sharper and less tinny* Better ear fit – much snugger, don’t fall out or hurt if you lay your head on a pillow/cushion* Don’t disconnect if you charge one bud.* Pairing is more reliable* Easier to adjust in-ear without pausing (button is less sensitive* Much better Bluetooth range – can walk all around my house away from phone or laptop and not lose signal* They look better too!

  5. Will Fuller

    I never thought sound quality like this could exist in anything other than large over ear headphones. Being a keen runner, I can vouch for their suitability for this, there’s never been a doubt that they would stay in..I really love these.

  6. Mike W

    Really pleased with these earbuds. I had brought my son the true air 2’s and picked up the air 3’s for myself. Really simple to connect via Bluetooth and so far have worked flawlessly! The air 3’s are slightly smaller than the true air 2’s and have ear detection so they auto-pause when you remove one. Really pleased with the air 3’s

  7. Lozzy

    Fits perfectly despite having very small ears, it has interchangeable parts to fit different ear types and has great sound quality, is easy to use, and fastest connection to my iPhone I’ve ever seen from a Bluetooth product

  8. BradleyFearn

    This product is great! I’ve tried more expensive brands and they do not provide the comfort and noise quality this product does. They sit in your ear easily without feeling like they are going to fall out. The music is clear and the quality is excellent. I get on better with the buttons and am not afraid I’m going to accidentally call someone when I touch them as I have with other brands. I Highly recommend this product!

  9. Sierraracer123

    Great set of earbuds not the best sounds but good enough to impress good run time without charging for about 6 hours case is strong dropped it loads of times not broken yet

  10. Shakey

    Bought these headphones for my son to use whilst on his way to school etc. I have my own set too similar to these, for the price you can’t go wrong. I have seen and used the popular branded version from the high street and see or hear very little difference. The sound quality is very good when using apps like Spotify, and the touch controls on the headphones work well too. Charging them is easy and last long enough to enjoy music for a good few hours. Audio from watching movies on the phone is nice and clear and they do isolate ambient noise just enough so you are not too shut out from your surroundings. Happy with the item, 2nd-time purchase.

  11. agnaldo cassiano

    I didn’t expect much when I bought it, I watched a lot of reviews, but the best way to know the quality is to test it. What may be great for me, may not please you. But in my opinion, it’s a great cost-benefit. The sound is very recordable and has very good mid and treble. It has no active noise cancellation function, but it does isolate external noise well. I have not tested it on calls, but the test I saw is “ok”, it doesn’t have a surprising quality, but the audio is a little muffled. It’s a good buy, I recommend it.

  12. Sam C.

    These are really good earbuds for the money. I don’t normally like the type that pushes into your ear, as they always seem to work their way out. These don’t do that though. They fit really well, I have tested them running and cycling and they stay in place perfectly. The sound quality is very good, they get nice and loud without distorting. Once paired they connect instantly when you remove them from the charging case, then automatically turn off when you put them back in. They come with different size earplugs and wings that secure them in your ear. I found they worked perfectly straight out of the box though. Brilliant considering how affordable they are.

  13. Ana SarkAna Sark

    First impressions Day 1: Reconnected again with house music! Nice matte design, lightweight, the bass is perfect and when compared to the first-generation Apple Airpods, the battery life is great… according to the Soundpeats app, these have a full charge and aren’t draining the battery. I discovered that gently swiping up helps change the volume (left for down, right for up) which is a wonderful feature that I didn’t get with AirPods. Still getting used to the touch functions, but will keep posted. The only thing that isn’t good at all is the microphone, but I don’t need these for a microphone. Don’t get me wrong it’s not awful but I’d never buy these for a good-sounding microphone. Lastly, to explore what my money could buy, I purchased both the Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds and the Soundpeats Air 3, both arrived at the same time and these Air 3 are superior in every way. I could tell that though even by the packaging. Well worth the price point, so far 9/10 

  14. JP

    Nothing beats these for quality vs. price, unfortunately, my first pair stopped working, for some strange reason, however, the Soundpeats team was just fantastic in their support and customer service. I have now received my second pair in replacement and it took less than 72 hours between the moment they honored it to the time they arrived. 5-star product and 5-star service!

  15. Simon L

    I really enjoyed using these earbuds, great price, and decent quality. Sure these are not your Samsung, Apple, Bose, etc… quality and standard, but for entry-level earbuds, they are really great. My usage for these is to go with my second (work) Android mobile phone, I have been using a wired headset up until now and made the switch to these recently. I haven’t looked back at all. In between using them for Zoom calls, I listen to DJ set/dance music podcasts so favor a bass-heavy sound. The biggest issue (worth a whole star off the review) is the buttons to control the bud functions (e.g. volume, track skip, play/pause, assistant) is a physical button on either side and this is really stiff and pushes into your ear when used, so much so it actually hurts – I have just reverted to using the phone instead to work around this issue as it is so bad. I compare this to higher-end rivals which just have a touch-sensitive rather than physical control – if you intend to use this do not buy this product and look elsewhere. Likes: Comfortable fit (with a few different spacers – normally I use a larger size, but these the smaller ones were the best fit), lightweight, quick to pair and connect, punchy rich, and bass-forward sound (which fits my typical usage), the battery is decent (USB-C charge is fast for top-ups), and call audio quality is decent with no complaints from my remote meeting buddies. Concerns: Buttons (per above), the case is flimsy (just feels a bit cheap, but does stay shut) and too light (easily falls out of my hand when getting buds out), doesn’t stop audio in-ear when removed until that bud is returned to the case. Suggestions: Fix the physical buttons, would like wireless charging on the case, would be nice to have tuned on the sound if you didn’t like the bass-heavy sound.Overall: If you need a budget/secondary pair of buds these are a good product, with good price and sound, but hampered by stupid buttons.

  16. raxxx8

    I’ve used a few pairs of earphones/buds of different types and brands over the last few years. I’ve just started using these and they are now my favorite choice. I use them when running and sprinting. They are a snug fit with very good sound cancellation. I like the soft rubber edge which fits neatly in my ear – a much better fit than others I have tried. The sound quality is the same as other brands at this price which is perfectly good for me listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

  17. Jayne

    These are very good, I bought a 2nd set for a present. I use for exercise, they stay put, hold the charge well and produce a good sound. Don’t forget to remove the thin plastic that prevents connectivity!

  18. Hayden

    Bought these as an upgrade to a previous pair of soundpeats earbuds that developed an issue. But with great help from their amazing customer support, I purchase these pairs. They are all that I hoped for and more with some new features in comparison to my old pair. Thanks to the Earbuds Ireland teams

  19. D. Ramsey

    So good. Deep bass and no shrill high end. I love these headphones and despite the negative reviews, they are fine for calls too! UPDATE: 3 months in, still brilliant. Amazing value.

  20. Constant Gardener

    So, 49.99 is pretty cheap for wireless earbuds and I wasn’t expecting much but these are brilliant! Given I’m going to be using these while mountain biking quite a lot, it’s nice to know I won’t be mortally wounded if they got damaged because I can replace them cheaply unlike my Samsung earbuds. The sound quality equals my Samsung wireless earbuds which cost an arm and a leg with my phone. It’s crystal clear and quite bassy. The battery life is about 2 hours. I wouldn’t be able to use these for long journeys but they are certainly good enough for working out or going mountain biking. They then take about the same amount of time to fully recharge. They’re comfortable in the ear and they didn’t slip out once while I was biking which was my main concern. They’re also quite subtle and sleek looking.7.5/10!

  21. Foggy72

    Bought these as my new pixel 5 phone doesn’t have a socket for traditional earphones. Pairs up really easily although the buttons to alter the volume/track/shuffle are really stiff when you’re a 40-something and you spent your teens listening via a walkman these are just the ticket. Not going to lie and say I worked out whilst wearing these but I did walk up to the co-op the other day whilst listening to a podcast without any hassles….. And I looked super cool as I couldn’t hear when the cashier asked me if I wanted a receipt.

  22. asmithafc

    They’re brilliant they sound great, replacing a pair of Cambridge Audio melomania’s, and even my son has given them the thumbs up and he’s a music producer listening to sounds all day long. Can’t comment for calls yet or exercise as they’re bought for music primarily. They honestly sound great, and at this price point, I’m more than satisfied.

  23. Lou

    I really like these earbuds, great sound, loud and clear great for music/filmsComfortable to wear, battery life excellent, and of course a great price

  24. Nick Wilson

    I have had these for over a week and used them every day. They fit nicely, especially with the wings that come supplied, and do not fall out during activity. The sound quality is good and people can hear me clear on the other end of a call. The buttons work nicely and are not hard to press. You can use them independently of each other which is a bonus if you’re multitasking as they do cancel surrounding noise.

  25. Mikavelli

    Brilliant piece of equipment for the price. The wing tips keep them secure when jumping about and I’ve had no issue what so ever with sound or quality. Recommended

  26. Pea tea

    Although the buds I have are quite adequate quality I seriously needed a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that had manual control and not Touch Control, forever turning them off/on, stopping/ starting a track by mistake really started to get on my nerves. These little beauties not only get a tick for the controls but they are also the best quality in sound, volume & clarification I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a good many sets. For the price, they are as good as top-spec expensive buds that are 100 euros + you won’t be disappointed. And very comfy too.

  27. Darren Head

    These aren’t audiophile quality but for the money I was impressed. 

  28. Abbey1992

    Got these to use on my runs and they really are good. The sound quality isn’t the best for the price I couldn’t complain. Very comfortable and the battery length is impressive. They clip into the charging case really easily and overall just a great product for the price.

  29. Richard

    The sound quality is excellent, the fit is very good, and they Bluetooth easily to several devices. Whether they are better or worse than more expensive brand buds. I don’t know. But I am very satisfied with them so far.

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