• Gaming Mouse EM600
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Gaming Mouse EKSA EM600

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Gaming Mouse EKSA EM600

Gaming Mouse EKSA EM600 sniper button will lower DPI down to 250. This switch sits right beneath your thumb, and you don’t need to move your entire hand to push it. The goal is to decrease DPI while taking precise snaps of snipers on the go when you release the button. This will bring back normal DPI settings. It’s like receiving the slow motion you want, which makes you the best at shooting games.

Brighten up your gaming space using the RGB Gaming Mouse. 16.8 million colors of backlights “dynamic streaming, breathing, waving” and improve your gaming experience or help you design your ideal gaming space. You can also change the intensity, frequency, color, or length of the display using the EKSA driver. Turn off the lights before bed to create the darkest, most peaceful environment.”

Gaming-grade optical sensor EKSA gaming mouse accurately detects even the most precise moves with its strong 12,000 DPI gaming-specific optical sensor. With an adjustable range of 500-12,000 DPI, it is possible to modify the DPI in line with your preferred gaming style. With unparalleled accuracy and consistency, this wireless mouse gives you the confidence to hit your head, particularly in tournament games’ intense, short-lived moments.

Ergonomic Design with Low-Right and High-Left, The EKSA PC gaming mouse has more comfortable in shape and has a textured grip that is ideal for right-handers. The gaming mouse with a thumb rest provides maximum relaxation for the fingers, allowing both the palm grip and claw design. Its frosted paint surface can keep your hands dry and slippery.

TTC Dustproof Gold Micro Switch The computer mouse comes with TTC gold micro switches, which provide quick, precise, and reliable clicks. They are also 10 times more dust-proof than standard micro switches. With twenty million hits, you can get your money’s worth with this game mouse.

Wide Compatibility Compatible to work with Windows 2000 / XP / the VISTA 7/8 10/11 operating systems used for routine operations and programming within macOS.

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