HIFIMAN SUNDARA Planar Magnetic Headphones


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Headphones Hifiman Sundara has planar magnetic drivers that offer you great sound. The diaphragm of this unit is 80% slimmer than the HE400 series. this provides you audio that traverses across a frequency range of 6Hz and 75KHz. Experience your music with every detail.

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HIFIMAN SUNDARA Planar Magnetic Headphones IRELAND

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  1. Toro

    The sound is great really similar to the Audiotechnica reproducing by their headphones. You have to remember that these headphones need a proper enough powerful amp (I’m using a Fiio M6 Hi-Res player and is not enough powerful).

  2. Jack

    When these first arrived the sound clarity and sound stage blew me away. You can completely immerse yourself in the music. This was my first venture into ‘Audiophile’ grade gear and I forgot to consider the extra expenses of the audio you are feeding them so be warned if you want the most out of the headphones you have to subscribe to a streaming service that offers high quality streaming like Tidal. The earpads are super comfortable. My only complaint is the mechanism to adjust the headband. Overall a great product for a great price.

  3. Terry

    These were bought due to a pair of Focal Elear failing and as they are 400 to repair I thought these were worth a try. Well to be honest I feel they are better the music seems to have a bit more room to breathe and sounds less like being outside the room with the door ajar. Very happy so far and probably suits my low-end system better perhaps. These are running from Bluesound node 2 into Cyrus amp out to zone 2 into Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear headphone amp. I know I could ditch the Cyrus unit but it serves as an av bypass to use 2 speakers or surround so is in the chain for a while yet. Build of headphones good for the money cable a bit too short but I used the Focal cable despite 1 ring, not 2 rings as the 2nd is not in use so cable options possible. I don’t think you can go too far wrong with these I would highly recommend.

  4. James T

    Lovely stuff for classical, jazz and acoustic guitar. Cannot tell the difference to Philips Fidelio on more main stream stuff. If you listen to pop and rock maybe save some money but for more intricate music the songs come alive.Beware a new headphone amp may have to factor into your budget… I found the limit of my oppo ha2se with these.

  5. Liz MC

    It’s a great pair of headphones that really suit the music I listen to. These were an upgrade for my existing setup and definitely need a decent AMP/DAC to run to their full potential. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a great music experience.

  6. Customer

    Sound quality good at the price

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