Mifo O5 GEN 2 Upgraded Version 2023 Earphones


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Mifo O5 GEN 2 Upgraded Version

Mifo earbuds with 100 hours long music playtime. 6-7 hours of music per charge. Improved clearer phone calls. Ambient mode allows hearing ambient noise. IPX67 rated dustproof and waterproof.

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Mifo Earbuds O5 GEN 2 Upgraded Version

Get premium sound quality with upgraded master Bluetooth chipsets within each Mifo O5 earbud. They also have an upgraded charging case that can provide up to 100 hours of usage before charging and the latest software.

mifo o5 professional Ireland

Mifo O5 Gen 2

offers a battery with a lifespan of 100 hours in standby and up to 12 meters of range without distortion and a perfectly synced, no-dropped signal. Moreover, with top-of-the-line features, it is connectivity with iOS as well as Android Operating Systems.

mifo o5 professional Ireland


mifo o5 professional Ireland

Wireless Earbuds

The included 2,600 mAh USB-C charging case gives an additional more than 100 hours continuous use battery life and the capability of charging other devices while traveling.

mifo o5 professional Ireland

Utilize either or both earbuds to receive and make calls using tapping to control operations. For example, tap to change the volume call volume, make or answer calls, and activate voice commands.

mifo o5 professional Ireland

mifo o5 professional Ireland

mifo o5 professional Ireland

mifo o5 professional Ireland

Intelligent Bluetooth pairing lets you remove one or both earbuds from the case, and they will automatically pair with your favorite devices.
Use the phone independently and use voice functions using multi-microphone technology.

mifo o5 professional Ireland

Waterproof earbuds

The water-proof IPX 7 nanocoating provides complete protection against sweat, rain, and even full submersion in water. In addition, the corrosion-resistant coating on aluminum is unable to rust or tarnish.

mifo o5 professional Irelandmifo o5 professional Ireland

mifo o5 professional Ireland

mifo o5 professional Ireland

Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth 5 wireless provides up to 12 meters of range without distortion and is wholly synchronized, with zero signal loss.

mifo o5 professional Irelandmifo o5 professional Ireland

Earbuds Ireland

  1. Stephen Wilson

    The quality is also very good, it’s very fashionable,high-tech and has a good endurance.

  2. christian morton

    I initially set out to buy some much more expensive branded Bluetooth earbuds but wasn’t convinced I’d get value for money considering their extremely high price. I started to look at alternatives, But really wanted great sound quality, battery life, comfort, and a bud that’s nice and discrete. The reviews I read suggested I would get all this and more with the Mifo. The good news is, I certainly was not disappointed! I use these daily mainly to watch movies so latency lag was the most important thing to consider, there is currently no such thing as 0% lag (or 0ms lag)I have measures the lag directly from my iPhone at 100ms, it’s noticeable if you’re looking for it but after a very short time, it’s no longer an issue, in my opinion, more than acceptable and much better than other Bluetooth units I’ve owned in the past. To sum up, I’m extremely happy with this, sound quality.

  3. T boo

    I would describe the price of these earbuds as mid-range, likewise, I would describe the sound quality as the top of the range. Because of the following reason, superb transparency features really long battery life attractive design high-quality packaging great overall sound.ConsNoneBought for using in transparent mode for out running, my first venture into transparent and they are ideal for when out jogging. There are plenty of other features such as the ability to answer calls, use sori, etc but it’s the overall package of quality sound, great bass, and comfortable to wear that makes them stand out.

  4. Customer

    The only thing I would ‘complain’ about is they don’t fit into my ears very well however I do have a few piercings so not be due to me and not the product

  5. Another Reviewer

    I bought these for running and so my chief concern was that the bud stays in my ears during the run. The buds come with 5 different-sized pairs of tips. The “standard” sized set fitted by default was perfect for me. They are snug, block external sound and stay put when running. The sound quality is good, but not brilliant, but for running that is not a concern. I would also say they would be good for commuting as a tube carriage is a noisy environment, so it doesn’t really matter if the sound quality is not top-notch. Battery life is amazing. They reckon you can get 100 hours out of them (that is from each full case charge, you charge the case and the case charges the buds)Build quality is good. The case is heavy and clad in aluminum and has an expensive feel. The buds are good, very light but feel sturdy. I would recommend these

  6. Aliona

    That’s a great sound. A good quality sound product excellent microphone works perfectly. Noise-canceling at altitude can also disable noise cancellation. The case is complete of metal durable and reliable. Great goods

  7. RJ

    Great value for money! Amazing charge duration! Truly over 100hours of use

  8. Andy

    Not a comfortable fit.

  9. platty

    This is a fantastic piece of kit. I was surprised by how easy it was to set up. I am not a ‘techy’ but had it up and running in a few minutes. Fantastic sound quality and good exterior noise cancellation. Real value for money. Why spend more for often very minor advantages, if any. The battery life is a big plus. Wish I had bought one earlier. Would heartily recommend this product.

  10. jzz

    Sound-wise, this item is quite good, providing you buy the memory foam tips. Using the standard ear tips results in a total lack of bass. Phone calls are good both ways, moderate background noise is tolerated well, but anything louder results in “wipe-out” of your voice to the other party. The “listen through” option is excellent, though it tends to emphasize the higher frequencies. There are two problems: the buttons are small and hard to press, but with practice, it gets easier. The other problem is that for some people it is impossible to get a secure fit, even with the memory foam tips; my left ear fits perfectly, but the right ear simply will not give a secure fit. This is a real shame because otherwise, I think they are very good.

  11. Jude Green

    I have bought so many sets of earbuds for working out and they just didn’t hit the mark! I researched at length before settling on these and I am so happy with them! I’d even go so far as to say that they have changed my life! No connectivity issues as some reviewers had said, I connected to my kindle fire HD for my online workout without any problems. The most important thing for me was that they stayed put with all my jumping about and movement which for me has always been the problem with other earbuds, there is nothing more frustrating. I would recommend it highly for workout enthusiasts! 

  12. Mary13

    I did a great deal of research before opting for these MIFO earbuds. They are really excellent. Great battery life, neat case to carry & protect them. I’ve used them traveling, getting directions while walking without a phone in hand. Flying, listening to audiobooks & music. In the Rijksmuseum, listening to the information about the pictures. Walking & running too. They fit very snugly allowing a sense of security knowing they won’t fall out! Best buds ever! Can’t recommend them enough

  13. ANDREW

    These earphones are a well-thought-out build from sound to fit and ease of use they are great.

  14. Customer

    The package arrived quickly in perfect condition. The earbuds were ready for use straight out of the box. The sound quality and volume of the earbuds are on par with other well-known brands in the market but the most impressive aspect is the battery life! The earbuds themselves can be used for several hours before needing to recharge and the case provides enough charges for days or even weeks depending on your usage. The earbuds and the case both have a premium feel to them, though the aluminum case is slightly heavy it certainly keeps the earbuds safe inside should you drop them accidentally. The earbuds feature button controls including power on/off, play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down as well as ambient noise. Overall I’m satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it.

  15. Denise Turley

    These are really good for what I wanted. I use them for my motorbike and they fit in my ears no problem. The battery lasts really well. I’ve only charged them twice since I got them. I would recommend it.

  16. Charles Palmer

    They are awesome. The ambient noise function is excellent, the sound quality great and the build quality is super. They stay in the ear well. Are very small and much more comfortable than the cheap type. .The charger case is excellent, heavier than the plastic of the cheapies but superb quality.

  17. Laura Byrne

    These are really good. They only lose one star because if there are 2 devices with Bluetooth enabled, then I can’t seem to connect to the second device without turning the Bluetooth off on the first device. Even if the device is locked and a little distance away I cannot get them to connect which is slightly irritating. I do wonder if this is something I’m doing wrong as I know you are supposed to be able to use them on 2 separate devices at the same time.

  18. Denise Spence

    Arrived next day, lovely weighty charging box. Quality is great and sound really good.Got these as a present for my son’s GCSE’s and he thinks they are great. Really pleased with this purchase.

  19. Sam Taylor

    The pairing took some getting used to, but this product is fantastic. At first, I thought I was going to have to re-pair it with everything every time, I eventually worked out I was doing it wrong. You have to make sure both earbuds are in pair mode, and they pair fully with the item. Then you have to make sure they disengage with one item to work with the next. If they’re already working with your mobile, they can’t also simultaneously have full functionality with your laptop for example. That’s not the earbuds fault, they’re smart devices, they’re actually a step on from the laptop, or they are from mine anyway. If it doesn’t work, you did it wrong. Once I worked it out, it was pair once with each device then make sure I used them right, and off I went, but the first week was a learning curve with little online help I’ll say that much. Apparently, mifo customer service is good (I didn’t think to use it), so if you’re stuck I suggest asking for help!

  20. Trooper!

    I read many reviews on several wireless earbuds, the MIFO ones consistently came up with good reviews and ahead of many that cost much more. The quality of them and the sound reproduction is second to none in my humble opinion. Highly recommended.

  21. Emily Nicholls

    This product is very good, and it is of great use to me.My boss’s service attitude is also very good, so I recommend you to buy it.

  22. Gernot

    I did buy them for myself and I was very impressed by the build quality,  the sound is pretty good for their size and price I would say! .The battery is amazing! I am not sure if they last 7hrs but I could perfectly imagine that! I’m sure Mifo O5 buds are a great option if you look for long battery life and decent quality for a reasonable price.

  23. Kinchygib

    Battery life not nearly as good as I was expecting.Also one of them fell out of my ears the other day. Was not happy with that tbf.

  24. Customer

    Did exactly what was needed of them- great for training and can even be used at sea (not in the water).

  25. Am Davies

    Probably the best earbuds I’ve ever bought out of about 10sets, even though I’ve given 4stars on sound quality and noise cancellation only because there are more expensive ones on the market that might be slightly better there still very good the battery life is fantastic used them for a month now, and roughly 32hoursgive or take, and haven’t charged the case up once it’s still showing a white light(green, white, red, flashing red), earbuds are robust with aluminum covering on outside of buds, very comfortable to wear, like the way you can hear music and with a press button hear someone talking or traffic and still hear music, connectivity very good also, all though there not the most expensive they were a considered purchase for myself I have no regrets there the only bud s that when I go to use them I’m confident I’ll have no problems the best I’ve bought. also a great strong metal charging case

  26. Paul M.

    The sound quality is very, very good. They are well made and sturdy. However, I do find it a bit fiddly to fit them in and to take them out of the charger box. Also when I’m wearing them they are comfy but I do find myself having to constantly push them back in again. I have tried the bigger size grommets bit to no avail. I had some cheaper ones before that fit perfectly because they pushed into my ear further. Other than that, all is good with them and is well worth the money spent on them.

  27. Melanie Walker

    Very well made with great sound. Fit well but still testing which size fits most securely for my ears. One did fall out whilst riding and sweating. They do have some weight. Pairing with I phone or Peloton dead easy.

  28. Stephanie Gill

    I love this shape in black and this set is a great day-to-day set to use. In-ear they grip into your ear very well and with the slightly long side, they really do feel comfortable and secure. The sound delivered is of a very good

  29. akatent

    Testing the Mifo 05 with wide genres and most kinds of music, allowing for quality variations of original recordings. The right-sized ear tips have been well fitted ensuring optimum seal. And Ambient mode is off. Pros: The Mifo O5 wireless earbuds come in a tough beautiful presentation box. The matt-finish metal charging case is a mark of the highest quality money can buy.(The bottom has no protective bumps, so be mindful where you place it on to avoid scratches). The earbuds are very well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to wear. ( although I would prefer another color, rather than the cyberman silver finish )Ambient mode – is what drew me to this ( ‘ understandably’ it compromises audio quality about say 25% subjectively, but is a reasonable trade-off)The mids and highs are clear with no distortion that I can detect ( probably due to weaker bass).Cons: The bass or low-frequency range is ok(ish !)

  30. Stuart

    What a fantastic product for the money, they look good, are comfortable to wear and the sound is great with the noise canceling. I mowed my lawn with these in and I could hear the music perfectly and the mower noise was just a hum. Excellent recommended to all my friends and family.

  31. Vasile

    I have nothing to compare them to … but i’m very pleased with them after 3 months. Good sound quality, long battery life, look and feel premium. It’s everything i wanted from some earbuds that are fairly priced.The negative:Sometimes the sound distorts, but i think it’s a Bluetooth 5.0 glitch than the earbuds themselves.

  32. Julian O.

    A great little set and well worth the money.Sound quality is amazing and the battery life is a big bonus

  33. Jamie Spurling

    Easy to link to BT . Battery life very good and sound quality impressive for that price

  34. Simone kay

    Excellent quality comfortable

  35. Customer

    Purchased these based on an independent review. The very sleek case is also the highest-rated power bank. The earphones themselves are beautifully made. Easy to fit and they immediately feel secure. The seal is so good that the pressure in my ears felt a bit odd. Might have pushed too hard on them. The controls take a bit of getting used to; not sure they will work if wearing gloves. Minor issue for me personally. The sound quality is excellent; rich and deep which is surprising given how small they are. Not sure about battery life yet. Really impressed so far.

  36. Marco

    Very difficult to swop the rubber ear pieces and I’d say comfort for me personally is the low point. Otherwise feels soldi and works very well indeed


    Well first off these wireless earbuds are working awesomely!! The sound out of them is very good! The noise-canceling is excellent too!! Really can’t fault these so far? Call sound out of them is excellent too? Once I get used to them and figure out which buttons do what then am sorted, but right now they are excellent, if anything changes will update, we’ll worth the money love them well recommended just buy them. You will be glad you did. 

  38. Customer

    “There is servals reasons that I decide to buy and being good so far since I had it delivered.- Musical sound quality being really good, also as the true wireless stereo earphones, I pretty much enjoy true stereo sound quality without the use of cables or wires…- Good noise-canceling: it cancels the noise for yourself automatically which is quite a good feature that I didn’t expect at the beginning, to be honest. which makes me happier since I bought it.- Excellent battery life I have to say it’s a dream. I bought some other wireless earphones before the battery normally goes quite quick but this one I don’t have to charge that often and it keeps the battery well so I can actively use it. Snug fit- even when I go to the gym it still fit perfectly and not failing out just like it and would recommend people to buy.”

  39. malkiel

    Good sound quality. Occasionally drop out of my ears on country walks but this may be due to me. Very good value overall.

  40. Oracle85

    These are great and well worth the price?

  41. JH

    A steal at the price, Fantastic sound and fit, very discreet in your ear, unlike some big-name products. The battery life of the carrying case lasts around 10 to 14 days between charges and that’s with regular prolonged use. Haven’t been caught out with flat battery headphones since buying these.

  42. Mike

    I bought these for use while running and they are great. I’ve not had any problems with them slipping out of my ear like other headphones. They have a good sound and battery lasts for a long time too.

  43. Kimberley

    I am very happy with this product. The headphones look really nice and are very nicely packaged. I am happy with the aesthetics and the size of them. So definitely worth the money. They work great, feel good, charge fast, but last quite a bit of time!

  44. Joey Dee

    I have been looking for a while for a decent pair of Bluetooth in-earphones…. tried my daughter’s white ones (from you know who) which sound very good but kept falling out… ordered these instead and very impressed. Fit perfectly and once in for a while do not notice them. The sound quality is good but could be louder. Battery life is remarkable… had them 3 weeks now, use them every day, and still not recharged. The charging box is very well built and feels solid. People have commented on the tricky operation of the buttons on the earpiece…..if you press them with the end of your nail it works well but can be tricky. All in all a brilliant, well-made piece of kit

  45. Mr. Derek Hackett

    Fitted well and sound quality was excellent, highly recommended and value for money.

  46. SP

    Happy with the product and with the customer service, advice and prompt delivery. Thank you

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