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Soundpeats Air 4 Bluetooth earphones are enhanced with the Snapdragon Sound(TM) technology. Earbuds AIR 4 is the only product designed to provide high-quality music losslessly and industry-leading low latency and more reliable connections. Earbuds feature the studio master quality, 24-bit high-resolution 96kHz Bluetooth music streaming directly from your smartphone. When you use Soundpeats Air 4 wireless earbuds, immerse yourself in the best audio quality for gaming, streaming music or making voice or video calls.

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Soundpeats Air 4 Snapdragon Sound

Soundpeats Air 4 wireless earbuds are exact bit-for-bit. Air4 semi-in-ear headphones can support Qualcomm aptX Lossless codec that delivers high-quality CD audio with a bit-perfect quality up to 16-bit/44.1 kHz. It also preserves the quality of the audio through a stable connection. With top-quality audio of 24-bit/96kHz. Adaptive can also dynamically alter the bitrate based on the media, and optimize the audio quality and the requirements for latency, like when you play games or watch videos.

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With a maximum level of noise cancellation that can go up to 45dB (according to research conducted by Qualcomm labs), SOUNDPEATS Air 4 Wireless can change the level of noise cancellation by itself and adjust the most appropriate characteristics of noise cancelling in real-time. The powerful 6-mic system in SOUNDPEATS Air 4 paired with the CVC noise cancellation algorithm, guarantees clarity of communication even in noisy surroundings, allowing to have smooth and effortless conversations. *The tighter the earbuds are fitted, the more effective the noise cancellation.

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The Bluetooth built into Air 5.3 in Soundpeats Air 4 offers faster and more fluid multipoint connectivity in addition to data transmission. You can simultaneously connect to two devices, including tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches without the need to re-connect. It also features a low latency mode that is 88ms for video and gaming calls as well as a battery lasting between 26 and 27 hours when using the charging case that allows one to listen in silence even during long hours of usage.