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Experience the high-quality sound and seamless connectivity with Soundpeats Engine 4 wireless earbuds. Boasting a coaxial dual driver structure, Hi-Res audio with LDAC codec, Bluetooth 5.3, and a multipoint connection, these headphones are perfect for music lovers on the go. With an impressive 43 hours of total playtime, game mode with 70ms low latency, and custom EQ, gamers will appreciate the immersive audio experience and quick response time. Don’t settle for anything less than the best—get these earbuds today!

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Sounpeats Engine 4 Bluetooth Earphones

Improve Your Audio Experience with Soundpeats Engine 4 wireless earbuds, the first Hi-Res certified Dual-Driver Bluetooth Earbuds. These Engine4 wireless earbuds of the SoundPEATS dual-driver line redefine the standard of audio quality with outstanding clarity and fidelity that let you enjoy every detail and nuance of your music. The Engine4 headphones are marketed as being Hi-Res certified due to LDAC support, which provides superior audio that’s as good as the CD quality.

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Engine4 Bluetooth earphones support multipoint connectivity. This means that the two Bluetooth devices can be linked to earbuds simultaneously. For instance, you may prefer to call on your business phone while exercising while listening to music on your personal phone or audio player. Thanks to Bluetooth multipoint, you can seamlessly switch between two devices. It’s advantageous and suitable for people who work with two phones or a laptop and a phone. Laptop.

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With a low latency of 70ms in game mode, you can respond quickly to any audio signal to get an edge over your competition and provide a smooth gaming experience. Also, use the SoundPEATS app’s personalization feature, which lets you adjust the settings of your wireless earphones and sound profile to match your audio preferences. You can enjoy a customized sound experience as immersive as you like.

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The Soundpeats Engine 4 headphones come with dual drivers, which include a woofer of 10mm for midrange and bass and an 8mm tweeter to handle the treble frequencies, with coaxial style. The drivers split frequencies rather than using a single driver to reproduce all frequencies.

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It utilizes the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology to provide better, faster connections and lossless audio transmission. Wireless headphones boast impressive endurance and can last a maximum of 12.5 hours with a single charge. The charging case can increase the time of play to a total of 43 hours of playtime, equivalent to three recharges for the earbuds. This provides enough juice to run the headphones for weeks of daily commutes or gym workouts.

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