Running Vest Phone Holder

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Running Vest phone holder Easyrun. A waterproof, touchscreen phone pouch is designed to allow you to seamlessly access your phone while you run. You’ll be able to change songs, check maps, or even text a friend! What’s more, our pouch will fit 99% of modern phones! The waistband is fully adjustable, allowing for a universal fit that holds itself to runners of all shapes and sizes.


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Running vest phone holder

Running vest phone holder is made from high-quality neoprene fabric, ensuring a snug fit and a product that is built to last! In addition to the central pouch, the Easy run Running Vest boasts two extra pockets located on either side. These pockets are perfect for storing keys, snacks, and anything else you might want to bring on your run. The all-reflective print ensures your safety when running in the dark. The Easy run Running Vest Phone holder is the running partner you’ve been missing, and when you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever ran without it!

running vest phone holder ireland

Easyrun running vest phone holder is the perfect solution for holding your phone or small items while doing your exercise. Compared to armbands or waste bags that may make you feel uncomfortable while running, this vest gives you the most relaxing and comfortable training experience.

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The running vest is stuffed with pores that allow you to reduce heat and prevent excessive sweating. The vest is constructed out of neoprene, making it water-resistant, able to stand in the harshest conditions while giving a comfortable and snug fit. A running phone holder vest is the ideal choice for any sports enthusiast.

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Night Runner Safety with a reflective logo, fashionable front design, and reflective waistband that can be observed from all angles makes running or walking during the night a pleasurable experience. The earphone hole design allows you to listen to music, too.

Running Vest Phone Holder

Practical – Universally suits everyone, has an adjustable waistband to allow you to find your ideal size, highly reflective for your evening runs. It is fitted with a clever separator inside the mobile phone pouch that can be used to store cash and cards and 2 pockets on the shoulder to store small objects.


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  1. Lexus

    Needed a place to put my phone and baggies for when I take my pup for a walk. It holds everything I need without an awkward feeling on you. It’s also lightweight for when the months get warmer. Does the job but it’d be cool if there were more colors.

  2. Mario

    Great vest. Not so sure of the quality of the cell phone pouch, but overall would recommend this as it does keep your phone in place and has pockets for keys.

  3. Tom

    Ran a couple miles with this and works great! Not heavy or bulky. Easily adjustable.

  4. Sean

    Tried out this phone holder for the 1st time on my 6 km mile run and almost 2 km walk it was very comfortable and also held my Samsung S20 5G with room to spare at one point I forgot I even had it on very happy.

  5. Deirdre

    Amazing for going on runs.

  6. Dermot B.

    Good fit and lightweight

  7. Ruby

    Great for holding the phone when running

  8. David M.

    Awesome product I use to run with the phone on my arm or in my hand and it was so uncomfortable. Now I run with this vest and oh man em I love it. Must try…

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