Sabbat G12 Elite Earbuds


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Sabbat G12 Elite Earbuds

Earbuds Ireland is proud to showcase the first Sabbat gaming earbuds in their collection. SABBAT G12 ELITE  designed with pro-grade technology. G12 ELITE Ideal for playing games with dual switch mode. Sabbat Elite features a 40ms ultra-low latency connection and superior 6HD surround sound audio. Fashioning a solid ergonomic design for added comfort.

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Sabbat G12 Elite Earbuds

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  1. Shane

    These bluetooth earbuds has high quality performance and very attractive look. Sound quality is pretty good with decent bass, also while listening songs and while speaking tonover phone, both time remains absolutely perfect. Noise cancelling feature work very well. Power bank case made sleek fast charging design fits easily in the pocket

  2. s.grant

    Fairly impressed with these for the price. Bought after reading various reviews of galaxy buds, Bose, Jabra alternatives and most people rate these as just as good or better. When I 1st tried them on I really wasn’t too sure at all about them. Sound was not very good at all. However I tried all the different rubber bud ends and with each one there is a brand new sound experience. You NEED to try them all listening to different styles of music.You will after a couple hours find the ones that suit you best. And only then will you agree with other reviews. YES they certainly are as good as Bose etc at as much as 3x the price!!! Great buy

  3. Liz

    From the moment you see the box you know you’re in for a treat: Great packaging, and the contents deliver.Everything feels/looks premium quality. A great choice of ear tips (experiment with these to get your perfect fit/sound profile)… charger, case, and of course the earbuds.Easy to pair, great sound – I was surprised as I had heard these were too rich in bass… they’re not at all.Easy to charge – but not that often, as battery life is wayyyy more than advertised – perhaps I’m not using them hard enough! Wireless charging of the case is a bonus, too.Probably my favourite thing about these is the fit: Once in your ear, they’re staying there. And after a couple of uses, you don’t even know they are there. A 2 hr train trip, plus 30 mins in a tube train, then 10 mins walking, and I didn’t even feel them. Confident they’re not going anywhere.Also, great simple function from a single button on each bud: I hate “touch” controls, and these have a positive click button… and they have all you’d want: Start/stop, Volume up/down, next/previous track, and of course – Google Assistant (Siri too for the Apple users).No complaints here…. been using them since July, this was my second pair bought for my wife who loves them too.

  4. gordon

    HI. just to say. I really liked these earphones, the sound was just as most good reviews describe. there good. I’m not an audiophile but i do know a good sound and quality when i hear it. I also like good quality sound from my headphones/speakers.I cant afford top end gear (wish i could!) but i buy within my budget. I love the blon3 and tinhifi T4 both wired both 30 to 100 euro, but i love the sound from them both. Anyways i wanted a set of Bluetooth so got these. they are good in many ways but sound is subjective and i actually found these a bit boomy for my liking, they are loud and very bassy,in a good way, but for my taste just a bit to much boom. If you like that, then great these are for you. although i have a pair of Shanling MTW100 v2 balanced balanced armature which i find myself using more than the sabbat. but again thats just my preference in sound. Overall though, i think for the price these are a great pair of earbud with good comfort nice push button control (which i prefer over touch control) stay in ear very securely, i can sleep with them in with no discomfort and good sound. I recomend, but as i said i found them a bit to bassy for my liking, but hay! thats just me. I still thing there good for the price if you like volume and bass.Hope this help someone, if it does leave a like. Thanks.Kind regards Stay safe and well G 🙂

  5. Jon

    So far so good. I’ve been looking for a pair of wireless earbuds for the gym for quite a while, with many at this price point falling down on loudness, sound quality and bass but these seem to hit all of those marks.Picked these up yesterday and quickly tried them with my phone. They (for me anyway) are loud enough and seem to fit in my ears well with on the supplied tips. Sound quality seems good, with a definite emphasis on bass, which is what I was looking for.They don’t seem like they will fall out of my ears while working out plus the design looks great. The charging box also looks good in a glossy black design which is quite small. Connected up with my iPhone quick and easy.

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