Sabbat X12 Here With You

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Intelligent sound Reduction – With heavy sound reduction technology to eliminate noise, make the call cleared and expertise high-definition lossless sound quality.

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Sabbat X12 Here With you Wireless earphones

Ergonomic Cavity Layout – The appearance is suitable for auricle layout, compact and light matching auricle wearing ears for a long time doesn’t produce pain. That’s correct, you do not feel something trapped inside your ear for a two hours audio listening.

Authentic Wireless Separation Dual Body – Womdee wireless earbuds utilize Bluetooth 5 processor, which has faster transmission speed and farther distance than previously. I agree for this.

Portable Charging Storage Box – The signature suction portable charging box can offer about 4 occasions charge on your headset. Shield mobile phone battery, stabilize voltage and current, and charge minus damage. The charging case is also, as many happen to be, small but suitable and the buds are easy to eliminate.

Biofiber Paper Film Transferring Ring Speaker Design – Easy to travel, bending and folding at will, handy access, much more comfortable travel.

Audio quality is remarkable. Great mid-range and lows and the highs have been small and in my estimation, really tolerable. Pairing is fast, easy and seamless. You take them from the charging case and they’ll pair in a second.


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