Soundpeats Air 4 PRO

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Soundpeats Air4 Pro wireless earbuds utilize Snapdragon sound technology, along with codec audio that is aptX-adaptive lossless to take the audio experience to a whole new level giving you the ability to listen to 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio quality comparable to CD and immerse yourself in gorgeous notes.

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Soundpeats Air 4 PRO Snapdragon Sound

Soudpeats Air4 Pro Bluetooth earphones blends modern noise cancellation technology, adaptability and hybrid noise reduction and a powerful processor to offer exceptional noise-cancellation capabilities. The headphones constantly examine and monitor real-time external ambient noise, and produce opposing sound waves that effectively reduce or eliminate interference making it possible to completely enjoy your music or other media.

Soundpeats Air 4 Pro Ireland

Soundpeats Air4 Pro wireless headphones is equipped with AptX Voice technology, which delivers outstanding high-definition sound quality. With the ability to support a 32kHz sampling rate and a flat frequency response of 16kHz that captures subtle distinct sound to create authentic and realistic audio calls. This technology is effective in reducing distortion in audio, which ensures crystal-clear and precise calls and reduces miscommunications.


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Soundpeats Air 4 Pro earbuds have a 13mm dynamic driver that makes use of ultra-fine biological fibre and pure wood pulp fibre, and a diaphragm design based on PU to make the sound clear and natural allowing you to fully take in all the elements of music such as instruments as well as sounds and effects. The materials and shape of the diaphragm help to distinguish specifics in the audio signal better, including tones and notes in music. This provides the best audio experience.

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Simply connect two devices and switch them between seamlessly without losing the high-quality audio quality that is the aptX adaptive lossless. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone tablet, or laptop or you can stay connected, without sacrificing the quality of your audio. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, Soundpeats Air4 Pro earbuds enhance sound through faster transmission, reliable connections, less energy consumption, and higher quality to improve user satisfaction.

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Soundpeats AIR4 PRO wireless earbuds. Unlike SBC, aptX Lossless guarantees no loss of audio data quality during decoding and transmission, allowing for high-quality audio similar to the recording.