Fiitii HIFI Air ANC Bluetooth Earphones

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Fiitii Hifi Air ANC Bluetooth Earphones

ANC wireless earbuds Fiitii Hifi Air can eliminate 35db noise in the conditions of commuting, gaming, talking, and working. Even in noisy public places, you can still enjoy High fidelity music. Earbuds come with a binary-mic digital signal noise reduction algorithm to effectively reduce ambient noise and isolate the human voice. HiFiAir earbuds are super light only3.8 g weight and equipped with 3  different sizes of sterile ear tips. IPX7 technology will protect earphones from sweat, dust, and water. Bluetooth 5.2 technology will make the connection stable and fast.

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Fiitii Hifi Air ANC Bluetooth Earphones

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  1. Wagner McHugh

    The earbuds can be paired immediately. Just take them out of the charging case, find them in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone, and pair them. At 30 hours of use with the case and 6 hours in the earbuds, they’re ok, but I would expect them to last a little bit longer given the price point. They do fit comfortably in the ear and can be used for the gym. After prolonged use, you do start to feel them, but that’s the same with most earbuds. Sound-wise, they’re quite good. They’re not going to compete with top-of-the-range earbuds or headphones, but they’re fine for casual listening, with a full sound and decent bass. All in all, they’re good earbuds, but I do think you can get a similar pair for cheaper than the 59.99 euros these are at the time of writing. I hope you found this review helpful. 

  2. brendan mitchell

    59.99 euros at the time of review there are not many earbuds that can make Apple AirPod Pros look big! these things are surprisingly small, which I thought would impact their ability to make descent phone calls etc as the stem is so short, but the microphone pickup and the noise cancellation is actually one of the best aspects of these headphones, and the reason my wife has now swapped these for her other headphones. Her priority with headphones is that they are good for making calls and have good noise cancellation, and these are superb, surprisingly so. as for the music, they’re good, at 59.99 euros I think I was expecting a bit more wow, although they’re not bad (maybe I’m just too used to my AirPod Pro). Battery life seems good too, using them and dropping them in and out of the case for 2-3 days and they’ve not needed a top-up yet, so they appear to be on par with their claims. you’ll certainly need to flick through the manual to get used to all the taps and long taps to access the multiple playback and noise-canceling options, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of them. hope my review helped 

  3. Doodi

    These have fantastic sounds the best I’ve had so far. The quality is excellent and these are very comfortable indeed. Very easy to connect to my phone and picked them up straight away. These are also waterproof to ipx7. Well worth the price in my opinion.

  4. Kay

    Easy to charge, fit on the ear nicely, connected to my Bluetooth, no problem. These earphones are excellent to use when working out. They have excellent noise-canceling and perfect battery life, ideal for going long-distance running. And the sound quality is excellent. Overall very pleased, recommended.

  5. Tarian Green

    These Mifo True Wireless headphones arrived in a small well-designed charging box. I have been looking for some good quality noise-canceling wireless headphones for some time. When I’m sleeping I switch to the strong mode as I like to be fully immersed in my music without the background sound of my husband snoring. I also use strong mode when I’m talking on the phone as I can’t concentrate when ambient noises or people are trying to chip in with their opinions. However, when I’m out running or hiking in the countryside I put them on the mild or transparent settings so I know what is happening around me. They’re great for listening and responding to others while still experiencing a musical backdrop. Previously my son and I would walk, talk and listen to music by using one earbud but this wasn’t ideal. The sound is of high quality and a full charge seems to go on forever even without topping them up in the charging case which has three dots on the front to indicate the amount of charge and whether it is full, empty, or in between. These earbuds are small and discreet. They come with different ear caps to suit your ear (I found these a bit difficult to put on as you need to twist and push) but having done so they remained secure and snug even when running on uneven ground. To my delight, the Bluetooth connection was almost instant without the messing about I’d previously experienced. However, these headphones don’t come with a USB cable but I have plenty of those already.

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