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Introducing the most recent advancement in wearable sound technology — Firefly.2, the new IPX7 waterproof noise-reducing, dual-microphone headset. The Firefly.2 is the waterproof wireless earbuds for sportsmans!

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WATERPROOF IPX7 – This generally means your Firefly 2 may be entirely submerged in water as much as 1 meter for half an hour. Contrary to earphones that perspiration, or violate as a result of air contamination, water vulnerability, the Firefly two may withstand the components. At this moment, it is possible to take your songs at the swimming pool in the rain, either on a lift… or whatever you are in to, worry-free!

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The Bluetooth signal will be cut off following the attached devices (such as Firefly.2 earbuds, cell phone, smartwatch, etc.) are submerged in water.

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SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – Stay aware of your environment together using Jabees Firefly 2 situational awareness engineering. The attribute enables noises to let cyclists, runners, to filter, and commuters stay awake when listening to their tunes. You may feel comfortable knowing that although having the ability to go through the world you may enjoy music your songs, or audiobook.

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LONG BATTERY LIFE AND SUPER FAST CHARGINGThe Firefly charging technologies, giving up with a charge to 2 hours of playtime to a fee, or 10 hours of playtime. With almost all apparatus, the charging scenario may be used Aside from the battery life and supplies 3 additional fees for two earbuds. Enjoy your music all day or use your situation you’re, to recharge!

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GRAPHENE ENHANCED SOUND – Improving treble advancements, quality, sound isolation, and general quality.

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DUAL-MICROPHONE – crystal clear voice & call quality.

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