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Introducing the latest advancement in wearable sound tech — Firefly.2, the new IPX7 waterproof noise-reducing, dual-microphone headphones. The Firefly.2 is your best waterproof authentic wireless earbuds for athletes!

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WATERPROOF IPX7 – This usually means that your Firefly 2 can be completely submerged in water up to 3.3 feet deep (1 meter) for thirty minutes. Contrary to other earphones that break due to air moisture, or sweat, water vulnerability, the Firefly 2 can defy the elements. At this time, it’s possible to comfortably take your music in the swimming pool, at the rain, on a hike… or anything you’re into, worry-free!

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The Bluetooth signal is going to be cut off after the connected devices (like Firefly.2 earbuds, mobile phone, smartwatch, etc.) are submerged in water.

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SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – Stay aware of your surroundings with Jabees Firefly 2 situational awareness technologies. The characteristic enables external sounds to filter into let runners, cyclists, and everyday commuters stay alert while listening to their favorite songs. You can feel comfortable knowing that whilst still being able to experience the world around 30, you can enjoy your music, music, or audiobook.

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LONG BATTERY LIFE AND FAST CHARGING TECHNOLOGY – The Firefly 2 wireless earbuds utilize quick charging technology, providing up to two hours of playtime on a 10-minute charge, or 10 hours of playtime with just a 45-minute charge. Besides the battery lifetime, the charging situation can be used with nearly all devices and provides 3 additional charges for 2 earbuds. Enjoy your music all day long on just a single charge, or utilize your case to recharge wherever you’re!

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GRAPHENE ENHANCED SOUND – Enhancing the audio quality, treble improvements, noise isolation, and overall audio quality.

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DUAL-MICROPHONE – Made for crystal clear voice & call quality.

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