Soundpeats Mini HS



Soundpeats Mini HS earbuds have an intelligent AI call noise cancellation feature that ensures smooth and efficient communication under any condition. The SoundPEATS Mini earphones are slim and lightweight, weighing just 4g for each earbud. They provide a comfortable fit and block out external noise, making them suitable for daily commutes, office work, and sports

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Soundpeats Mini HS Wireless earbuds LDAC

Soundpeats Mini  HS wireless earbuds are a comfortable and lightweight option for those who love high-resolution sound quality. The Japan Audio Society has endorsed them and has equipped them with the LDAC Codec, which delivers clear and realistic audio.

Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats Mini HS

The Multipoint Connection feature of the SoundPEATS Mini HS Bluetooth headphones lets you easily switch between two paired devices without disconnecting. This feature allows you to stay connected and productive throughout the day.


Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats Mini HS 2

The SoundPEATS Mini HS headphones can provide up to eight and 36 hours of playing time with their charging cases. The APP can be customized to tweak the sound quality and includes valuable features like the one-click reset feature, volume adjustments, disabling touch control switch between game modes, checking battery levels, updating the software, and much more.

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The headphones also have a game mode that reduces audio latency to as little as 60ms, providing a more immersive sound experience while playing games or watching videos.

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Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats Mini HS 4


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