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Soundpeats Clear wireless earbuds stand apart with their striking, transparent spaceship design. Earbuds provide not just a snug fit in the ears, but also a visually appealing experience. With their lightweight, compact design, these in-ear headphones give a virtually effortless wearing experience that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the music you love.

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Soundpeats Clear Wireless Earbuds

Sounpeats Clear wireless earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology that ensures quick and reliable connectivity whether you’re doing work, exercising or playing. Just take them out of their packaging and choose Soundpeats Clear in your device’s Bluetooth settings. They’ll instantly join to the device, providing the best audio experience in a flash.

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Enjoy up to 40 hours of uninterrupted playback and a longer battery lifespan. Each charge can provide up to seven hours of uninterrupted music The charging case can last for an additional 40 hours, which means you have the time to listen to your favorite songs all day long without having to worry about charging. Get rid of interruptions and enjoy your music.


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Soundpeats Clear Bluetooth earphones come with two microphones with noise-reducing that effectively eliminate background noise in calls to ensure clear and continuous conversations. If you’re at the railway station, airport or in a busy traffic jam get rid of distractions and have a crystal clear conversation.

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The SoundPEATS wireless headphones have a diaphragm driver with a diameter of 12mm providing a wide range of sound with these small headphones Bluetooth 5.3. The driver’s vast dynamic range generates a remarkable resonance and faithfully reproduces the most intricate audio details. Enjoy a rich audioscape and relive the joy of music


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White, Beige, Black

  1. Sarah

    Look great, sounds great. Fits nice. Really good for the price

  2. Maria

    Had these for a couple of months now & after the latest firmware update I can confidently say these are great value, if not quite the best in class at this price point. I bought these primarily for the transparent look which may appeal to anyone who misses the days of clear plastic Gameboys and iMacs, and the black model (with hints of blue) looks extremely sophisticated for the price you’re paying. When it comes to sound: they’re just fine. The mids are hollow, the overall sound lacks fullness, the highs are never exciting or ear-tingling, bass only kicks at the extremities. But it is great for vocals, which remain legible no matter what you’re playing. In that case, these would be ideal earphones for audiobook or podcast listeners. The default sound profile is as clear and transparent as it looks. That’s where the app comes in. Soundpeats lets you use profiles and custom EQs via its app solution, which looks half-finished but gets the job done. As you can see from the pics I’ve used an *insane* correction to try and add more body to the sound, but these still aren’t audiophile-level drivers. There is no Noise Cancellation. No multipoint. You can turn on/off touch controls but NOT customize them, which is a huge shame. There’s no audible feedback when using touch (like with Soundcore products) so telling if it successfully detected your touch or not can be frustrating. A recent firmware update as of March 2024 seems to have fixed low-volume issues, which reflects well on Soundpeats and their commitment to improving their products. Great job! As for competition: Soundpeats’ own Air4 Lites will give you better sound and LDAC support at a similar price at the expense of being semi-open. The Soundcore ‘P’ line has a better app experience, customizable touch controls and touch feedback, and I’d say their audio is overall better balanced. But nothing else out there will look as cool as the Clears.Pros: Great value. Awesome look. Clear sound. Perfect for podcasts and audiobooks. App support and firmware improvements. Good battery life.Cons: No touch control customization. The female voice confirming GAME MODE/POWER OFF is a little loud. 

  3. mrs t m robinson

    Good looking headphones with great soundCustom equalizer through app is bonus

  4. Arya

    Decent sound quality! could be murky at times but is justified by the price point, and is forgettable after a while. Fit is great, been doing workouts and running on these, and they sat in my ear comfortably at all times. Not to mention they look sick!

  5. decytherdecyther

    Sound quality exceeds the cost of these earbuds and I prefer them to the Moondrop Space Travel as they have a considerably better battery life. The case looks like it may get a bit scratched up over time but when they cost this little you don’t mind, putting them happily into my EDC category. Well done Soundpeats!! 

  6. Pawel

    This is the second set I have from SoundPEATS, the other one is SoundPEATS Mini Pro… I prefer this shape. Very good build quality, is easy to pair and maintain connection, very good battery. The music quality is good, I’m not a music lover, it’s ok for me, it’s a pity there’s no LDAC…( I know, I know, money) I can hear the difference. On the minus side, the potential for settings in the application was not used. Compared to the SoundPEATS Mini Pro, these do not disconnect from the device… the mini pro has an annoying habit of disconnecting one earphone, requiring repeated resetting.

  7. Jannie

    I mainly use earbuds at night for listening to audiobooks, these were so light and comfortable, I fell asleep wearing them and they were still in place the next morning as an added bonus they did not irritate my ears as some have done

  8. Zester

    Well was a bit sceptical at the start as to getting a budgeted earphone, although these amazed me as to what it had to offer for the price. Yes, it may not be the best one out there but it’s got all the specifications needed for daily usage and the setup was quick..

  9. Kindle Customer

    The good sound fits me well I like them comfortable battery life is good cheap recommended

  10. bronwyn

    I bought these to replace my previous pair of Skullcandy and these suited my budget well. The SoundPeats Clear sounds SO MUCH BETTER than any Skullcandy products I’ve had before and the adaptive EQ feature in the app works well. Great battery life, great build, and great sound.

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