Quick Tutorial How to Reset Sabbat Earbuds?

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Video tutorial by Kenneth Tanaka how to fix Sabbat wireless earbuds if you can’t connect or pair.
Let’s check out how to do it:

Quick tutorial video on how to repair both of Sabbat earbuds if there are any pairing problems. Let’s take a quick look at the manual book here the factory reset instruction is at the very last page a small red section. The guidance says what we need to hold the buttons for like 20 seconds. They are ready to go, so now without further ado, let’s do it quickly right here we’re going to take it out of the case it’ll turn on by itself. We’re going to press and hold for one-two-three, and it will turn off by blinking red twice. Hold buttons for 20 seconds; after that, keep the buttons once more for three seconds to turn it on, or you can put them back into the case and take it back out so that they will turn on by itself. Leave Sabbat wireless earphones in case.

Don’t forget to delete your previously paired earbuds. Now they should match together, and the left side should now feel Beaufort pairing, which you can see right here, which means it’s successful and in a while, it’ll be connected!