Airpods Pro Alternative Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats AIR 3

Airpods Alternative Soundpeats Air 3

Airpods Pro Alternative Wireless Earbuds Soundpeats AIR 3

Bluetooth earphones AIR 3 Design, Comfort, AND BATTERY LIFE

The Air3’s most notable feature, after the laudable TrueAir2 and SoundPEATS TrueAir2 as well as TrueAir2 Plus, is the diminution in size. As a result, the case is light and simple to slip into your pocket. It’s cheap-looking due to its plastic housing and simple black matte finish, yet the lid is sturdy enough to keep it in its place. A bright LED on the front indicates the battery’s remaining charge, a button for re-pairing just beneath, and the USB-C port at the lower part of the case. You’ll need to connect it after the case has recharged the earbuds to full (for just) two times.

Soundpeats AIR 3Soundpeats Air 3 3 earbuds are reduced in size. They sport the same design as the original, sporting their shield-shaped SoundPEATS logo on the top and a black, slimline that runs across the stem, but they’re about 4 millimeters smaller in size. This is impressive considering that the TrueAir2 was already slim and distinct in your ears. The TrueAir3 is more delicate to wear. The stems won’t touch your ears; you can hang the mounds over your ear and not be concerned about them falling out. Its Air3 is very comfortable to wear during its 4,5-hour playtime with a single charge.

Similar to the AirPods, also known as half-in-ears, they’re battery-powered, so the life span of the earbuds and the case isn’t anything new. Another challenge with this feature is that SoundPEATS does not offer official waterproof ratings on Air 3. Air 3, and you’ll hear a lot of wind when cycling or running with them. This isn’t surprising since the design of this half-in-ear style also lets you be aware of your surroundings when listening to music with these. It’s still the most secure option for earbuds when driving.

Airpods Alternative Sounpeats AIR 3 CONNECTIVITY and CONTROLS

The latest feature on AirPods alternative Air3 iS that a new feature of Air3 includes the automatic pause feature. Music starts to play when you insert the earbuds and stops when you remove an earbud. The music will resume when you place it on a floor or insert it into your ear. You may also continue enjoying one set of earbuds even while you charge the other. You can take the earbud you charged and play in stereo without difficulty.

Another connectivity on the SoundPEATSAir3 is also solid. The Bluetooth connection maintains a steady signal for up to 9-10 meters away from your device, even in areas full of the wireless signal.

Soundpeats Air 3 1Control scheme complex and sensible:

Double-tap the L or R button to play or pause music

Tap R to raise the volume

Tap L to decrease the volume

Press R to skip to the next song.

Hold L for a return to the song that you were in

Triple-tap R to turn on the voice assistant.

Three-tap, the L button to (de), activate the Gaming mode with low-latency

Every control you could want, directly on your earbuds in a manner you’ll be able to master quickly. There aren’t ANC Noise-cancelling or Transparency Mode controls since Air 3 doesn’t have those features. Air 3 doesn’t sport those functions.


Enjoy watching videos on this SoundPEATS. It has perfect audio and video synchronization for iPhone as well as Android. In games, you may use this gaming mode with low latency to decrease the amount of delay that sound effects experience when you play games. Even with online shooters, even though a little delay will remain, it is reduced enough.
Calling with the Air3 is a significant improvement over TrueAir2. The voice is rich and warm in video and phone calls, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, yet with sufficient clarity. Outside and inside, surrounding noises barely appear in phone calls. People are chatting, clapping, and speeding scooters are all muffled well.

To achieve this, Airpods’ cheap replacement Air3 adds a cover over your microphone. Most of the time, your voice is the only thing to pass through the blanket. As a result, even with many other people, your voice sounds clearer and louder than all the others. The only exception might be when you’ve got a strange warm voice, but it might sound too over-filled at the expense of clarity.

It’s natural to engage in an exchange with these.

Soundpeats Air 3 2Sound Quality of SOUNDPATS Air 3

The SoundPEATS TrueAir2 has raised the bar for the audio quality of earbuds that resemble AirPods, and the Air3 is on the same road. However, there are some distinctions.

Like the TrueAir2 (Plus), the Air 3 has plenty of bass in the lower frequencies. Even though they’re half-in-ears that don’t go deep into the ear canals, they provide enough volume and body to the bass. It has a constant mid-bass thump and, despite the sub-bass (the darkest and deepest tones you can hear), doesn’t rumble; the bass is surprisingly deep. Bass slams sound more powerful than TrueAir 2. TrueAir 2, however, they do alter the sound of songs by increasing the bass. And make the TrueAir2’s handles more effectively.

Another distinction is that The Air 3 presents the lower mid-tones with more emphasis. In addition, they are notably increased, creating plenty of warmth to the sound and pushing deeper electronic sounds and deeper guitars, pianos, and drums to the forefront. In addition, it makes music more immersive as instrumental tracks can be an inviting blanket over your head.

But this additional focus on the lows can reduce the clarity in higher frequencies. Male and female voices that are darker may have trouble overpowering the other instruments in their vicinity, as well as more clear male and higher, pitched female vocals aren’t as clear and forward as they do on TrueAir2 (Plus). In the higher frequencies, the forwardness region is enhanced when you turn the volume up, however, in the background, the music is less pronounced than the more well-balanced predecessor.

Cheap Airpods Pro alternative the Air3 can get quite loud at about 60% playback volume when the more detailed and higher frequency frequencies increase. Do not expect the biggest soundstage or the most precise positioning of instruments; however, the music will seem to be a part of you, with decent clarity and good separation between layers and instruments.

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